Gain Company offers a classic model of 1-, 2- or 3-story turnkey carousels in various diameters for indoor or outdoor use.

We also offer a variety of themed designs for carousels and hand-painted elements in compliance with the customer requirements and the current European standards 13814.

Our carousels often present the history of their location and district. We take a special pride and responsibility for creating products that will bring joy both to kids and to adults for a long time to come.

Traditional French carousel

The classic style is typical of the traditional carousel, also referred to as the “French classic carousel” or the “Venetian carousel”. It is a priority choice for amusement parks and city administrations. The standard carousel design includes traditional horses, gondolas and spin-tops
All the carousels are hand-painted with stucco elements in harmony with the general decor of the carousel.

Along the entire perimeter of the carousel, the tracks are inlaid with LED lights to ensure bright illumination of the carousel.

There are ladders installed on the both sides to ensure easy ascent and descent to the top floor of the carousel.

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The carousel-bar is equipped with tables and seats. With its slow rotation, the carousel makes it possible for the visitors to easily get up and down enjoying snacks and cocktails. Ideal for holiday festivals, tastings and Christmas fairs.

The standard carousel-bar is available from 7 to 12 meters in diameter. Also, depending on the specifics of your project, the carousel can be larger or smaller in size. All our figures are adapted to the carousel-bar structure: create an atmosphere similar to the fair holidays of old times by placing several figures between the seats and bar counters. Visitors can also sit on classic animal figures (non-rotating and with a table for drinks in the center).

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Carousel with a rotating platform

Carousels with a rotating platform and without any canopy are designed for indoor use and are ideal for family entertainment complexes or shopping malls. For entertainment of children, the figures are animated through electric motors.

We also offer personalized themed rotating platforms: we can realize your wishes and create figures adapted to your carousel.

Also, we can make the central axis of your carousel from polyester or plexiglass to ensure the visibility of signs in shopping malls.

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Thematic design of your carousel

Our extensive catalog offers more than 120 figures. Our experts will develop a suitable design for you to meet the requirements of your project and the local regulations of your country. Our art department will select for you the colors of the figures that will be in harmony with the general tones of the carousel. A lacquer finish, matt or glossy at your own choice, is applied to preserve the brightness of colors.

Reliability of performance and quality

The top of the canopy is made of polyester to ensure both a pleasant appearance and adaptability to any weather conditions.
The inner frame of the carousel is made of galvanized steel to ensure durability and anti-corrosion resistance of the structure. Upon anodizing, aluminum twisted rods gain strength and durability.
The floor is made from exotic African woods, with thin, wear-resistant western-style strips.

Polyester panels are made of a metal frame and fiber-reinforced plastic. The durability of their surface is guaranteed by the use of a automotive industry coating.

Original incarnation and unique handwork

The polyester frontons, the most visible and thematic part of the carousel, are painted by our highly-qualified artists.

Thanks to their artistic practice experience and professionalism, they can instantly get inspiration from the sketch provided by the customers. Each brush stroke is a work of art and also a tribute to famous writer Jules Verne. Starting from creation up to production of a drawing, from casting to painting, every line, every stroke and every light and shade application is perfect, thanks to our unique handwork technique. Hence, each item becomes animated at the hands of masters.