Gain Company offers rubber floor coating for playgrounds and sports grounds, swimming pools and water parks designed to reduce the risk of injuries from falls while playing or doing sports.

The quality of our floor coatings meets the GOST and EAU standards; they have proven themselves on today’s market as reliable and safe.

We can install new rubber or natural rubber (latex) floor coating and restore old coating. Our Company experts will conduct a complete inspection of the ground coating and check its thickness, integrity and uniformity.


Thanks to the use of high-strength materials in their production, rubber floor coatings have a long service life.


Our floor coatings are 100% eco-friendly and have no toxic components. This makes them safe for health.

UV and moisture resistant

When exposed to sunlight, our floor coatings do not emit any extraneous odors and do not melt. They do not deform from rain and snow.


Rubber floor coatings are highly injury-proof, provided that the required thickness of the floor coating layer is ensured.

Any colors and their combinations. Just make your own choice!

84. Terracotta
60. Dark green
18. Yellow
37. Red
68. Bright green
28. Orange
55. Blue
52. Light blue
45. Purple
13. White
77. Gray
82. Brown
11. Light beige
32. Salmon
58. Turquoise
35. Pink
63. Emerald
75. Graphite
What determines the price of rubber floor coating?
  • Quality of the base (rigid or prepared loose base);
  • Floor coating area;
  • Project design, complexity of shapes and color combinations;
  • Project location;
  • Availability of a power supply source
How is rubber floor coating laid?
  • Preparation of asphalt/concrete solid base or loose base from gravel and/or sand;
  • Base cleaning;
  • Base priming;
  • The mixture of rubber crumb with a polyurethane binder is evenly distributed and rolled over the surface.